Virtual Museums You Can Explore From Home

Exploration can be hindered if you cannot actually leave your house. Imagine being sick and not being able to leave home. At some point in history, that would’ve been quite a burden. Today, not so much, given the things available online, from TV shows, movies, music, to educational content and even betting. Yes, people bet online, some making use of promotional codes like this Bet9ja Promotion Code to make the most of it. Others, they like spending their time learning new things about the world, or rather, old things, if you will. Museums of history and science can take you on some interesting journeys if you allow them. With today’s technology, you can take virtual tours of multiple museums. Here are the best ones.

TerraCotta Army

This has been one of the most interesting archeological finds of the 20th century. In 1974 in China, farmers digging a well discovered a life-size figure of a soldier, made from clay. In the years after, the government found out that the soldier was just a part of a massive clay army whose sole purpose was to protect the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, in the afterlife. Today, you can view this army from the safety of your home, through a tour which is inspired by Google Street View. Imagine walking next to these soldiers, trying your best to discern their many expressions. 

Museum of Flight – Lots of Planes

South of Seattle, Washington, in the Boeing complex, lies a museum of planes and flight, in general. With more than 30000 objects for you to see, planes and everything else related to flying, you can expect quite a virtual tour. 360 degree views and a comprehensive guide to help you educate yourself on everything flight-related and which person interested in flight could say no? When travel is restricted, virtual tours of airplanes feel just right.

NASA – Space Galore

Almost everyone is familiar with NASA. NASA is interesting in the sense that they already offer quite a lot on their site. You have everything from high-resolution photos to actual videos of other planes and moons. What more could a space-loving person want? A ride into space is one thing, but if you have access to NASA’s resources, you might as well be there, without all the uncomfortableness of space travel, not to mention landings. Gravity is hard.

Smithsonian Museum of American History

The Smithsonian is quite a large museum, centered around American history. If you want to learn about it, the Smithsonian has quite a lot to show you, even online. While its collection is closer to two million objects, what you can see online is around a hundred exhibits. This is important to note, but even with that, one hundred exhibits or so, can help you learn more about American history, interesting facts and moments from history.

These are some of the best virtual museum tours which you can take today. There certainly are plenty more, so keep exploring if you want to learn more.