Lottery and Superstition

People have been betting and gambling for the most part of human history. Gambling was first revolutionized when the first casino was opened in Venice in the 17th century. The second revolution came about when the Internet was developed, and when people could enjoy betting from the comfort of their homes, cars, or practically any place with Internet access. These modes of entertainment became increasingly popular, so much that there are even bonus codes such as Pa ilottery bonus that help new players start their journey as easily as possible. Of course, anywhere where people put their time and energy, there are bound to be some superstitions, and the lottery is no exception.

Why are people superstitious?

Superstition is an interesting thing, as most people are aware that superstition is irrational and effectively scientifically impossible. At best, they cannot be proven, yet there are countless people who swear by their little rituals that they perform that help keep bad things at bay, or to help call good luck to them.

One of the possible explanations is that life can simply be too complicated to wrap our heads around, and people cannot always precisely predict the outcome of a situation, which is why believing in superstitions can be soothing for most people who are anxious about events in the near future.

This can especially be noticed in people who love lottery, as they do not wish to tempt the balance in the universe with their behavior, and thus tip the universal scale to the wrong side.

What superstitions do lottery players believe in?

 Lottery players, first of all, believe in the concept of good and bad luck. These are to be understood as either good or bad energy that can attract a positive or a negative outcome to you. Some of these are universal across the globe, like fear of the number thirteen, broken mirrors, which are said to attract seven years of bad luck, and so on. However, there are some superstitions that are specific to lottery players. One of them is stroking the fur of a black cat with their lottery ticket. Black cats are associated with either good or bad luck, and stroking the fur of a black cat is said to positively influence the outcome of the lottery game.

Some unusual superstitions

When the lottery ticket is purchased, the superstitious player always keeps an eye at the hand with which the employee gives the ticket. For good luck, the ticket is supposed to be given with the right hand, and the player should receive it in the left hand, which symbolizes good fortune and wealth. Moreover, you might not have to think too hard about what numbers to put on your lottery ticket. If you dream of some numbers, it might be an otherworldly message that someone is trying to convey to you; in that case, you should immediately write the numbers down and play them the next time you purchase a ticket. Many players swear by this and claim that they had won substantial prizes by playing numbers that were revealed to them in their dreams.